Kitchener Tenant Insurance

Protect Yourself with Renters Insurance

How much would it cost you to replace everything in your rented home? Thousands, right? What about a fire or flood that starts in your house or apartment but causes damage to others. Tens of thousands, at least.

And if you don't have Kitchener Tenants Insurance, the bill will probably drop into your lap, causing financial stress that could haunt you for years.

Yet, remarkably, more than half of renters don't have Tenant Insurance and run this risk every day.

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late

You can put an end to that right now. Discover for free and without commitment how little it would cost to get your Kitchener Renters Insurance protection from Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd.

Even if you already have Renter Insurance, you may find we can provide protection more appropriate for your needs, and it may even cost less than you're paying now.

The fact is that although your landlord has to insure the structure of your home, you're responsible for protecting the rest.

Likewise, if another home is damaged because of your negligence - and our news media are full of this type of story - it's probably your liability.

Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. offers Kitchener Renter Insurance, Waterloo Renters insurance and Tenants Insurance throughout all of Ontario. Whereever you live, we will find the solution you need.

It will protect you from theft or damage to the contents of your home and can insure you against liabilities to others as well as other risks you may not have thought of.

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All you need to do is complete the Free Quote Request form on this page. Do it now. There's no obligation and you could be making a decision that will save your financial life.