Travel Insurance for Ontario Residents

Traveling Outside of Ontario?  

Whether you're going to the Caribbean or traveling to British Columbia, It is exciting to plan a trip.  

What if something happens while you're out of country?  Do you have a plan to cope with the expenses of overseas medical costs?

A couple went to the Dominican Republic for their daughter's wedding.  It was to be a magical time for the whole family.  Except, while there the mother developed a severe brain aneurysm.  Response had to be quick and professional, which costs a lot of money.  Luckily, they had planned for their trip and had purchased Out of Province Medical coverage.  She was flown to Florida and underwent emergency surgery and thankfully has made a great recovery.  The total costs for transportation and medical services rose above $500,000.00!

Even if you suffer from a broken arm or leg OHIP only covers up to $400 per day for out of province medical care.  That's not enough to cover some hospital stay rates of $1000 or more, especially in the U.S.   We can offer up to $5 million (Canadian) coverage.

Travel Insurance or Out of Province Medical Insurance Can Save Your Life and Your Finances.

So, before you head out on your great family vacation to the Maritimes or your special getaway for two to Spain, be sure to contact Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers and speak with one of our Travel Insurance experts about what Out of Province Medical coverage best suits your situation.  

And because we have access to many companies offering Travel Insurance we can get a very competitive price no matter where you're going or how long you'll be away.

Are you coming to Canada and need Visitor to Canada Medical Coverage?

We help a lot of people who come to Canada to visit.  We can provide coverage for medical expenses for those who have come to live in Ontario, but have to wait the 3 months before qualifying for OHIP.

Don't wait too long before your trip.  Use the Quote Box above and one of Erb and Erb's Travel Insurance experts will gladly answer all your questions about Out of Province or Visitor to Canada Medical coverage.  A little work now can save you a lot of grief later.