Earthquake Insurance

We have financially strong and viable insurance solutions that will allow families to re-establish their lives as quickly and completely as possible after a disaster.

Earthquakes can strike anywhere, anytime, and without prior warning – and your best bet is to make sure that you and your family are prepared in case an earthquake happens.

Disaster preparedness starts with education:

  • Make sure that your family, and especially your children, know where to go should an earthquake occur. The best bet may be to “Duck and Cover” under a sturdy, heavy piece of furniture.
  • Be patient and wait in your hiding place for several minutes after an earthquake, since aftershocks may occur.
  • Teach your children that it’s OK to stay at school or daycare, after an earthquake strikes, and that you will pick them up as soon as it’s safe.
  • Have one or more disaster kits ready in your home, car, and in a safe place outside your home. 
  • In your home, securely fasten shelves and furniture to walls, store large or heavy things on lower shelves, and learn how to turn off gas and water lines if necessary. (To turn your gas line back on, you need to contact the responsible authority.)
  • Keep in mind that a standard homeowners policy does NOT cover any damage caused by an Earthquake. If you would like to insure your home for earthquake damage, we can help! We offer endorsements for earthquake insurance coverage that are added to your homeowners insurance policy.