Can You Remember Everything You Own?

Likely Not. And Certainly Not After a Claim.

That's why it's very important to make a list or inventory of all your possessions. That way, if something happens, you already know what will need replacing.

Click on the blue button and print as many pages as you need! Ideally, print one page per room of your home.

Download The Home Inventory Kit

Inventory List Tips

Here are some tips that should help you through the recovery process if the worst happens:

  • Complete the list and have accompanying photos of each item of value
  • Go through each room of your home
  • Update the list from time to time and include today's values if you have to replace an item
  • Store multiple copies, either at family's homes or electronically using cloud services
  • Talk with your broker about special, unique or rare items and collections to ensure you have the best coverage possible